Dang research

Clinical trials are research studies that allow advances in medicine, identify new treatments and ensure safe and effective care for patients. One of the great benefits of receiving cancer care at an academic health center like UF Health is patient access to advanced medical treatment and the latest in research, including access to clinical trials.

Our research program is designed to both discover new knowledge and to deliver to patient cutting-edge technologies and interventions thatĀ underpin the cures of tomorrow. Our research efforts are supported by local, state and federal funding and encompass the broad range of cancer and hematology. The discovery and development of new technologies and therapeutics is complemented by the depth and breadth of science being conducted throughout the University of Florida, including the University of Florida Health Cancer Center.

The Division has a research administration team which provides support for investigatorsĀ from finding funding opportunities and proposal preparation through final progress reporting and award close out. The research administration team also provides support to clinical trials for the benign hematology section. Clinical trials for cancer and hematologic malignancies are supported by the UF Health Cancer Center’s Clinical Research Office.

To view a full list of our current clinical trials, please visit our Navigator page, or download the UF Health Cancer Center Clinical Trials Navigator app.