Benign Hematology

Our Benign Hematology program strives to serve patients in both inpatient and outpatient settings. With clinics established at UF Health Shands Cancer Hospital and the Malcolm Randall Veterans Administration Medical Center, our physicians have the ability to provide primary care to patients as well as consultative hematology services to medical and surgical specialties, both locally and throughout the southeast United States. Our nationally-known hematologists have also worked to develop the Sickle Cell Disease Program.

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Name Title Email Mailing Address Physical Address ORCID
Brad S Fletcher Brad S Fletcher Associate Professor –– –– ––
Alan B Grosbach Alan B Grosbach CO CLIN ASO PROF –– –– ––
Molly W Mandernach Molly W Mandernach FACULTY –– –– ––
Carol M Mathew Carol M Mathew Clinical Assistant Professor –– –– ––
Anita Rajasekhar Anita Rajasekhar Assistant Professor –– –– ––
Marc S Zumberg Marc S Zumberg Professor –– –– ––