Hematological Malignancies & Bone Marrow Transplantation

Our bone marrow transplant program is one of the 16 core centers that comprise the NHLBI/NCI Blood and Marrow Transplant Clinical Trials Network. The BMT program works closely with the UFSCC Stem Cell Biology Group to identify new applications for stem cell therapies and with the UF Diabetes Center to explore immunotherapies for diabetes. The UF BMT program strives to develop and test new therapeutic strategies for patient with hematological malignancies, while advancing the understanding of normal stem cell biology. Optimization of outcomes of blood and marrow transplantation and the intensive study of the biology of hematological malignancies is also a key objective. Our well-known and highly-specialized faculty, each with specific areas of investigation, have taken the UF BMT program to the next level of innovation and patient care, supported by the 20-bed dedicated inpatient unit, a contiguous outpatient clinic, stem cell laboratory, core blood tissue bank and stem cell collection facility. For information on how to make an appointment, visit ufhealth.org/bmt.

BMT Faculty

Name Title Business Phone Email
Christopher R Cogle Christopher R Cogle Professor (352) 273-7832 christopher.cogle@medicine.ufl.edu
John W Hiemenz John W Hiemenz Professor (352) 273-7832 john.hiemenz@medicine.ufl.edu
Jack W Hsu Jack W Hsu Associate Professor (352) 273-7832 hsujw@ufl.edu
Zeina A Al-Mansour Zeina A Al-Mansour Associate Professor (352) 273-7832 zeina.almansour@ufl.edu