Educational & QI Scholarship

Our division is home to a diverse group of physicians with a passion for medical education and involvement in undergraduate and graduate medical education at the institutional and national level. In addition, many faculty are engaged in quality improvement and patient safety initiatives locally and nationally. Fellows interested in the pursuit of a career in medical education or quality improvement will focus research efforts in one of these two areas while joining the Education & Quality track.  Participation in this track emphasizes a commitment to becoming a competent medical educator or QI champion, learning appropriate methodology for conducting educational or quality improvement research and the acquisition of necessary leadership skills.

Fellows with a research focus in medical education will have enhanced teaching responsibilities and will carry out scholarly education projects under the supervision of an experienced mentor. Fellows with a research focus in quality improvement & patient safety will participate in specialized training in quality improvement processes and implementation methodology. Scholarly projects will be presented regularly at the Division Medical Education & QI Committee.  Work on this committee aims to stimulate innovation in educational & QI project development, provide mentorship and collaboration on projects, and enhance publication that contributes to the advancement of Heme/Onc medical education or quality improvement initiatives.