Clinical and Translational Research

There are two research tracks in our fellowship program, translational and clinical. The deadline for selection of each track is earlier than other tracks. Translational track deadline is by the first week of fellowship. Clinical track deadline is by October 1 of F1.

The clinical track is designed to build clinical research skills and experience for our fellows that will make them competitive for academic and/or industry trial development positions. Fellows will carry out clinical research projects as part of a team with experienced mentors and be guided in project development, approval, oversight, analysis and publication. The skills learned and resulting publications will enable them to be successful as independent investigators once they graduate.

The translational track is designed to nurture those with demonstrated experience in pre-clinical research to facilitate their transition into an academic research position. We help them find translational research mentors to further develop their research, grant writing and team/project leadership skills. The development of these skills and attendant research projects will enable a smooth transition to a tenure track position at a major academic medical center.
Both tracks have regular committee meetings with presentations to help focus, ensure progress and develop presenting skills which will be essential in any career with a research component.