Research Opportunities


The University of Florida Division of Hematology and Oncology has a broad and robust portfolio of research spanning basic laboratory investigations in therapeutics development with particular emphasis in immunology, DNA repair mechanisms, oncogenesis and biomarker development to clinical investigations in each of the major cancer types. A critical area of focus is the development of new therapeutic strategies based on preclinical investigations at both UF and other academic partners.  The co-localization of our cancer investigations with the basic science departments across the University provides a rich environment for engagement of scientists from various disciplines including structural biology, immunology, synthetic chemistry and nanotechnologies among others.

The primary areas of translational research in the division include malignant hematology with a focus on BMT, coagulation, gastrointestinal, lung, melanoma, breast, GU and GYN cancers. Each major disease area consists of a multidisciplinary team in investigators from medicine, surgery and radiotherapy along with the appropriate medical subspecialists and collaborating laboratory and pathology investigators that regularly meets to discuss new therapeutic concepts and scientific discoveries that may be applicable to the development of new clinical investigations. Interested hematology and oncology fellows may participate in the process of clinical trials development from idea inception through protocol development and trial conduct.  In addition to hands-on learning, multiple avenues for formal instruction in clinical trials are available both locally at UF and nationally through the UF Cancer Center.  Clinical trials at UF are heavily supported by the UF Cancer Center in the form of a Clinical Trials Office that provides an extensive and comprehensive infrastructure for investigators including authorship of LOIs, protocols, consent forms, regulatory needs, data collection, statistical support and interpretation.  For investigator-initiated trials, funding is available from several sources within the University, Cancer Center and Department of Medicine that complement State and National sources.  Our investigators have very strong ties to a variety of national organizations including ASCO, ASH and NCI as well as many industry sponsors and clinical trials foundations that enable clinical trials at UF and expansion of trials to the national level.