Charles E. Riggs, Jr., MD

Charles E. Riggs, Jr., MD
Professor of Medicine

PO Box 100278
Gainesville, FL 32610

TEL: (352) 273-7832
FAX: (352) 273-7849


Originally trained in oncology clinical pharmacokinetics and analytical biochemistry, Dr. Riggs presently focuses on clinical and experimental therapeutics in head & neck, thoracic, and musculoskeletal malignancies.  He is a Vice-Chair of the University’s IRB, and teaches biomedical ethics.  He is Board-certified in Medical Oncology and Internal Medicine and -eligible in Hematology and Clinical Pharmacology.  He is a member of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, American College of Physicians, American Medical Association, and the Florida Medical association, and Past President of the Alachua County Medical Society.




MD The Johns Hopkins University Medicine
Residency University of Florida Internal Medicine
Clinical Associate Fellowship Baltimore Cancer Research Program Hematology/Oncology

Academic/Research Interests:

Dr. Riggs participates in multidisciplinary treatment programs in head and neck cancer, lung cancer, esophageal cancer, thyroid cancer, and sarcomas of soft tissue and bone, in both the UF/Shands and VA medical systems. He is a member of the UF/Shands Cancer Center, and serves the University as Vice-Chair of the medical IRB, with expertise in oncology clinical trials, biomedical ethics, and pharmacoeconomics. He teaches biomedical ethics to medical students, and participates in teaching physical diagnosis to medical students and oncology topics to trainees in the residency and fellowship programs.

Multidisciplinary collaborative trials in head and neck cancer constitute the primary focus of Dr. Riggs’ current research efforts. He participates in local and national investigational trials in sarcomas and prostate cancer, as well. Integration of targeted therapies into traditional combined-modality treatment programs for head and neck and thyroid cancers are proceeding through University of Florida clinical trials, and expansion of these approaches into esophageal cancer and sarcoma chemotherapy trials is anticipated.

Clinical Interests:

Diagnosis and treatment of head, neck and Thyroid malignancies, diagnosis and treatment of lung, esophageal, and other thoracic malignancies, and treatment of musculoskeletal malignancies.


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